Edeltraud and Karen

We wanted a new life adventure: owning and operating a bed and breakfast. We hunted as far west as Leamington and as far east as Prince Edward County, meeting and dealing with quite a few realtors. We also looked closer to home and count ourselves very lucky that the first property we considered in Elora was one of George Mochrie’s listings. While this first house was not for us, George was genuinely interested in our quest and sat down with us for a thorough discussion of our needs and wants. After this, he was quick to get in touch with us whenever a possible property came on the market, and worked around our schedule to meet with us. Most importantly, as our bed and breakfast dreams required many properties to undergo renovations and transformations, George displayed a patience that showed no end while we measured, planned and discussed the possibilities, even offering suggestions and helping to measure. Some showings lasted a good hour or longer but George never let on that we were taking too much of his time!

In the end, after only 2 months, George let us know of a property that had been a guest house and had almost everything we needed and wanted, except a higher price then we could afford. The day of the showing we sat down and, guided by his astute advice and experience, began negotiations. In the end, we managed to successfully negotiate a reasonable final price and the Flying Leap Bed and Breakfast soon opened for business !

After-sales service was unexpected and beyond belief: a pre-booked and pre-paid vacation just when we acquired the house would have had to be cancelled if it wasn’t for George.

We would not hesitate in any way to recommend George, and do so on a regular basis to prospective home owners who visit our bed and breakfast.

Thank you, George!