Mark and Denise

George … we chose to interview you, along with another realtor, because of a friend connection but also because we liked what we saw with regards to your social media presence. We ultimately chose you because of the connection we made and the message you gave us … you were forthright in telling us the good and bad about selling in our location but you also reminded us that there were 4 parties at the table when selling/buying a home … the sellers, the buyers and the sellers and buyers agents. This gave us confidence that you, as our representative would work with all parties to come up with the best possible deal for all involved.

Our situation was unique, well to us anyway, and you respected that. You worked very quickly to help us get the house ready for market … including an amazing video and a detailed photo gallery. Even though we were on a bit of a time crunch you never made us feel rushed, pressured or uncomfortable in our decision making. You were extremely responsive and I can’t emphasis that enough … knowing you were available and willing to respond to our questions or thoughts, gave us great comfort. For every showing you made sure it worked with our schedule and understood that sometimes we had to say no. You always provided an update after each showing and even arranged for you or someone on your team to pop by to make sure our home was left in the order we expected when we returned … this was greatly appreciated.

When it came down to deciding between 2 offers you took the time to understand the emotional attachment we had but skillfully led us in the direction of the best offer for us … and for that we are thankful.

When it came time to finding a new home … the pressure was on and you did everything in your power to check all of our boxes and even contacted potential sellers on our behalf … now that’s dedication. Once we settled into our new place we appreciated you taking the time for a follow up visit and all 4 of us said ‘we’re going to miss that guy’ when you left.

Having not sold/bought a house in quite some time we weren’t sure what to expect but now that it’s over we can honestly say we couldn’t imagine the process working any better. George, we so appreciate the relationship we were able to develop and wouldn’t hesitate to refer you to others and would happily serve as a reference if you would like a potential customer to contact us.