Renate & John

It’s rare that you get excellent service, but even rarer when that service is superb, yet this is what George Mochrie and his team provided us in finding our home.

It began when upon George’s suggestion, we met over a coffee to discuss our desired type of home, budget and location. In this meeting George listened attentively, providing valuable comments on the market, where it was and what we could expect given that it was December. He assured us that even though it was not the peak time of the season, that the right home would one day come our way.

George was relentless in tracking down every possible lead. I recall more than once that George ensured we were first in line to see homes just listed.

While in each home, George listened to our feedback and offered constructive and valued information. It was clear that George did his best to prepare in advance of going into each home as such he was able to provide us with a clear and concise run-down of each homes attributes and how they aligned to our desirable features.

In each home, we felt we were being soundly represented by a dedicated professional who sincerely cared about getting us into that right home.

Even when George was on Vacation, he ensured we had solid representation through the team. George’s passion and customer dedication was never so noticeable as when he was sending follow up emails from the Airport prior to leaving for vacation and the quick check point email when he made it to his vacation destination. You have no idea how special we felt that George would take time to send us a quick note to make sure we felt well represented while he was on vacation. A very nice touch indeed!

When we finally settled on our home, George put his best negotiation skills front and centered, representing our interests better than we could have ever expected.

In every step of the process, George provided us with direct, and timely communications. He helped to educate us on the market and home buying process which gave us a strong sense of empowerment and made us feel genuinely comforted that we were all on the same team.

Once George had successfully negotiated the accepted offer he immediately went to work on the next phase which was to sell our existing home. He wasted little time in doing his homework where he researched the market, and listed our home $20K higher than we thought it was worth, and he hadn’t put the sign on the lawn longer than a few hours when we received an offer to purchase that was more than reasonable in our minds. Again George executed the role of our Agent with impeccable class and grace, again he made us feel in control, and very much in the know of all the intricate negotiations and post sale process.

If you are looking for a solid, reputable class act, we highly recommend George Mochrie and his team.